Fundraising or sales page

Collect money, sell products, certificates or tickets using special pages

Create a page
Ready page
Create a page with a description on which the client will be able to pay for the goods, ticket or spend funds
Fast start
A simple interface allows you to create a page in a couple of minutes. You must fill out a description, specify the required settings and add payment methods.
Only 2% only for successful payments. There are no additional fees for using the service.
24/7 support of Viber, Telegram, Facebook, accounting consulting services, a mobile application for monitoring payments, bots integrated in messengers for analysis and payment notifications.
We return customers
24/7 support hotline monitors your customers' payments. If the payment was not accepted, we contact the buyer and help him to make a payment.
More successful payments
An integrated approach to the conversion of payments. Uninterrupted operation of the service, one gateway - 6 banks, personal antifraud monitoring system.

Social Media sales solution

Get a ready page with a description on which the visitor can immediately pay for the goods or transfer funds. Post a link to page in social networks or instant messengers.

Funds will go to the added card or bank account.

What is
Social.Invoice suitable for?

Create a fundraising page for a specific purpose

The page will show how much money has been collected and how much is needed to achieve the goal

Ticket selling
Create a ticket sales page, for seminar, conference, and other events

Extensive functionality for event organizers

Selling goods
Sell your products using a special page

You will be able to sell goods, indicate the available quantity of goods. The client will be able to independently choose the amount of goods to purchase and pay

Information products
A page that will help automate the sale of your information product

After successful payment for the goods, you can set up automatic sending of a letter with a link to the inform. product.

Create and sell certificates for your services

Create one or more types of certificates

Page for selling workouts
Page for accepting payments for trainings, marathons, courses

Accept payments for your services

What about the commissions?

In favor of successful payments, regardless of the payment method

How to adjust the social invoice?

Three simple steps to create Soc.Invoice. You can create your event page by registering with WayForPay and get all the features of the service.

Enter to your personal account by phone number.
Store activation
Go through the activation of the store.
How to activate?
Creating an invoice!
In the menu "Payment Methods" go to the tab "Social Invoice" and create a page for the sale of tickets.
Create your page!
Try it!